Spring Has Sprung…Get On Out There and Have Fun!

It’s baseball season! My father was a player and a fan, as well as a lover of everything wild. He passed away two years ago, the day before Earth Day, listening to his wife and three other women talking about the Colorado Rockies, as he lay peacefully at home. Our most memorable times together were attending baseball games and taking road trips.

He knew how much I loved to explore, and joined in on some of my trips.

He left this life with a smile on his face, just like the one I captured above on our trip to visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary, in Keenesbury, Colorado.




He wore his new baseball themed Keep Your Fork Kit proudly!


A tiger at the Wild Animal Sanctuary soaking in the cool water, in the warm sun.


Evening games at Coors Field, with the sunsets, are spectacular!

Celebrate spring in the Rockies by getting outside, alone or with friends and family, to enjoy all the world has to offer.



In Maybell, a town in Northwestern Colorado, cowboys move a herd of wild horses to greener pastures.



No matter how old, a day in the desert will sooth your soul.

As the days get warmer, the snow melts and the ground softens.

This is a great time to get outside and hunt for natural treasures. Lee Mestas turned his love of rocks into a business, when he opened High Country Rock & Gems, in Glenwood Springs.

He no longer owns the store, but he still hunts for rocks.



There are a lot of opportunities to put your love of the outdoors to good use, for others.

Protecting the Greater Canyonlands is a cause worth contributing to.


Is there something you really care a lot about?


Do you have a favorite hobby in the outdoors?



A match made in heaven!

Sometimes it’s easier, and more fun, to get outside and enjoy a walk or a bike ride with a dog.

My friend Anne takes her dog for a ride on the beach in Florida.

He enjoys this as much as running, and she gets a bit more exercise with his added weight.



Do you know a dog who needs a walk?

Have you considered offering to walk your neighbor’s dog, or volunteering at the local animal shelter? The Roaring Fork Valley has a very special place for homeless animals.

Consider donating or volunteering at Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE).



Learn something new that will take you to beautiful places, like the Maroon Bells. 

I recently won a free, half-day fly fishing lesson by renewing my membership to the Wilderness Workshop.

Since I live on the Roaring Fork River, I’ll take full advantage of this lesson. The Carbondale Recreation Center offers year-round recreation lessons and activities for youth.

Learn now, and enjoy these activities for a lifetime!



There’s nothing better on a hot day than soaking in cool water, with friends.

I’ve explored a little bit of the Roaring Fork River I live near, and have found a couple swimming holes.

Be safe, and stay out of the river currents.

And, never go alone! It’s always more fun with friends!



Take a walk in the woods with your mother.

Spending time with your family, in the outdoors, offers an opportunity to connect with loved ones in new ways.

Leave the iPod and iPhone at home.

Bring some water and a snack, wear a hat, and take a slow stroll while getting to know each other better.

It’s never to late to reconnect with those you love, and doing it outside, with few distractions will make it more meaningful.

Enjoy your spring!


About Mary Russell

I'm a "multipotentialite", turning my passions into careers. My main passions are learning, teaching, creativity, adventure, and compassion.
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