Journeys Out Yonder for Adult Adventure, Learning and Fun

I’ve decided to move away from the idea of offering JOY to young people, and towards the idea of helping retirees custom design their Colorado-based Journeys Out Yonder. As more and more adults retire, there are more opportunities to travel and explore the country with friends and family. You may not always be able to find someone to explore with, or decide on the right trip for you and your traveling partner(s). This is where my expertise comes in.

I have traveled the country, but have developed a deep knowledge of the western US, specifically the Western Slope of Colorado, eastern Utah, and southern Wyoming. From the central Rocky Mountains, to the high desert landscapes, to the jagged mountains and raging rivers, I will turn your vacation into an adventure of mind, body and spirit. You’ll have memories, stories and photos to last a lifetime.

There are literally hundreds of natural and man-made historic and modern destinations in Colorado. I’ve journeyed to many of these places since first visiting Colorado in 1985, and moving here in 1991. Whether you’re inclined to camping  or sinking into the comfiest hotel room around, I can recommend and book your accommodations for you. If you want to climb the highest mountain, raft the roughest river, or go on a haunted hotel tour of Colorado, I will make the plans and ensure you’re confirmed for the activities and events you’re dreaming of.

Some examples of places and events you might be interested in are:

  • The Marble quarry at the headwaters of the Crystal River
  • Vineyards and Breweries in the agriculture belt
  • Museums featuring western art and dinosaur fossils
  • Music festivals and alpine skiing competitions in Colorado’s finest resort towns and ski areas
  • Federal and State Fish Hatcheries that keep our most popular recreational activity alive and well in Colorado
  • Geologic wonders in Glenwood Canyon, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Ouray and Grand Junctions Bookcliffs and Colorado National Monument, to name a few
  • Hot springs soaking in local’s favorite river holes, and in more civilized resorts
  • Men and women’s professional, amateur and college baseball, basketball, hockey and football games
  • Theatrical plays that bring the stars of the Big Apple to the stars of our small mountain town, and,
  • Much, much more. Our limited imagination is our only limitation.

In order to best serve your journey needs, I’ll need to get to know you a little better, and understand the types of activities and experiences you’d like me to plan with you. I’ve created a survey to help me get an idea of your dreams and desires. Please take time to fill it out by going to the tab titled, “Survey“.  I will contact you within 24-hours if I have any questions or comments about your answers. Otherwise, please give me 48-hours to receive and review your answers to create a a draft of your customized Journey Out Yonder.

Finally, if you don’t have a traveling companion, or don’t have the means to get yourself to the destinations you’re looking forward to exploring and experiencing, I am available to join you on your Journey Out Yonder. There are certainly many places I haven’t visited, which affords me the opportunity to  create JOY for you and me! Please use the survey to express your desire for me to join you in your JOY.

About Mary Russell

I'm a "multipotentialite", turning my passions into careers. My main passions are learning, teaching, creativity, adventure, and compassion.
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