KIDS WANTED for Preschool Adventures

Friday Crew

We have spots available at

Active Louisville Kids

in our

Preschool Adventure Program

during the

2018-2019 School Year


  • Eating healthy snacks
  • Keeping hydrated
  • Going on Adventures on foot and bike
  • Visiting libraries
  • Climbing trees and bouldering
  • Getting dirty and wet
  • Observing and imitating animals
  • Delving into Fantasy Play
  • Using and Making Maps and Following Paths
  • Investigating Small Worlds
  • Gathering cool stuff, for who knows what!
  • Turning strangers into friends
  • Learning to manage risk and avoid hazards
  • Inventing things we love to do
  • Breaking out into song and dance
  • Making art with found objects
  • Asking questions and seeking answers by talking with people and reading books.

  If your child would prefer to spend most of their day outdoors, call us!

Kristen Argow, Owner/Director 703-626-0369 Mobile   303-665-9669 ALK

If you’re wondering what it all looks like, look at these photos taken during the past month.


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