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Red Clover.jpgMuch can be discovered by wandering through back yards, streets, woods, and streams of the places where we live. Exploring new and yet-to-be discovered places with family and friends, building forts, creating tiny villages, hunting and gathering, and imitating a wild animal makes life fun and exciting. Building strong relationships and becoming empowered are natural outcomes of journeys taken out yonder, alone or with others.


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The world can be a scary place, but it is less so as we become more familiar with our surroundings. As we do so, we begin to appreciate and love the places where we live. They, in turn, become places we take care of for ourselves and, more importantly, for others to enjoy. Journeys Out Yonder connects people with the places they call home, through play and exploration. JOY is the result of feeling connected to the place you love.

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Use my Nature Scavenger Hunt with your family, to discover the wonders of nature right in your back yard and your neighborhood. Discover the flora and fauna who call your home theirs too!


Directions: Search to find each of the items listed below. If the item has the word “collect” next to it, you may put the item into your bag. If the item has the word “photograph” next to it, take a photo of it so you will have proof that you located the item during your hunt. 

  1. One (1) blade of grass longer than your index finger (collect)
  2. Two (2) different leaves found on the ground (collect)
  3.  Twigs with the shape of the letters Y, l, T, L, F, E, and S (collect)
  4. Moss (photograph)
  5. Signs of a spider or a spider itself (photograph)
  6. An ant hill (photograph)
  7. Plant growing in a manmade structure (photograph)
  8. Insect on a plant (photograph)
  9. Signs of birds, or birds themselves (photograph)
  10. Signs of a reptile, or the reptile themselves (photograph)
  11. Signs of mice, squirrels or other small rodent themselves (photograph)
  12. Signs of large mammals or mammals themselves (photograph)
  13. Two (2) different types of seeds (collect)
  14. One (1) colorful flower (collect)
  15. Two (2) different kinds of trees (photograph)
  16. Three (3) rocks shaped like hearts (collect)
  17. One (1) rock with white, red, green and grey coloring (collect).
  18. One (1) walking stick, as high as your belly button and as thick around as your wrist (collect).
  19. A live/fallen tree trunk/branch with the patterns of beetles under the bark (photo).
  20. Frog eggs in a pond. (photograph)


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I'm a "multipotentialite", turning my passions into careers. My main passions are learning, teaching, creativity, adventure, and compassion.
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    Wonderful, Mary!!!



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    Mary, I forwarded this to my friend Heather in TN, asked if she got this. She said no, tho she’s subscribed.



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