There is nothing more satisfying, and professionally confirming, than having the parents of my students, and my students, take it upon themselves to promote my work! Over the past 15 years I’ve taught all grade levels, all subjects, in public and private schools, and all for one purpose: bringing fun and joy into children’s learning environment.

Below are testimonials I’ve received from students, parents and colleagues:

“Mary, Thank you for a wonderful, magical year with Ella and her buddies. You are her best bud – she loved having you as her teacher! Thanks for venturing into this Waldkinder adventure with us – your generosity + creativity were greatly appreciated.” Lots of Love, The Klingelhebers.


ELLA has a heart of gold!

“Mary, you have been such a wonderful addition to our lives. Kinley has had an amazing time with you. Thank you for everything!” Love, Lisen, Todd, Kinley and Elleree


Kinley sings songs of joy!

Mary, Not sure what we will do without you. Ashton will have so many memories from his Waldkinder days. We are so thankful for the love, energy, and commitment you have given Ashton.” Love, Lynn, Steve and Ashton


Ashton flexes his muscles

Attention Carbondale Parents!! Just sharing this info about a fabulous summer camp possiblity and after school program for your kiddos. Miss Mary has been Dylans Waldkinder teacher this past year and she is beyond incredible. Kids love her and she leads the best adventures! You are the best & we love you!”                                                Donna Lambert Riley, May 2015


Dylan took it upon himself to make a natural gift for his mom  on mother’s day 2015.

A transcript of a FB messaging conversation provided by my prior Carbondale Middle School student:

3:18 PM me: You ROCKED this weekend Kevin! Thanks for helping out at Mt. Fair. I hope you had a great time, and I hope YOU or Amaranda win the bike!
3:20 PM Kevin: You’re welcome Ms.Russell. And thank you for getting me involved in the fair. If it wasn’t for you I would have never known. I had a fabulous time.
3:21 PM me: AHH!! Thanks. With that comment, would you be willing to write that in a little “recommendation” letter? I’m collecting testimonials from students and parents about me as a teacher and community leader.
3:22 PM Kevin: Yeah sure.
3:23 PM me: Thanks. If you could make sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address, I’d appreciate it. Do you and Amaranda have any plans tomorrow, from 12-2:30pm? If not, do you want to come visit me at KDNK during my radio show?
3:25 PM Kevin: I would love to!!! But I don’t know if Amaranda can or wants to.
3:27 PM me: Well, then you come on over and you can help pick out music. The genre is “Funk, soul, african and world”…so, that means almost anything. I show up around 11:00 to start looking for the music. Come whenever you can.
3:28 PM Kevin: Alright. But about the recommendation letter, how do I do it?
3:29 PM me: Do you have Microsoft Office?
Kevin: No.
3:30 PM me: Do you have a gmail account?
Kevin: Yes
me: Do you know how to open a Google Doc?
3:31 PM Kevin: Yes
3:32 PM me: Create a Google Document for the letter, then share it with me. Do you know how to share documents with other users?
Kevin: No but I will try
3:34 PM me: After you open a new Google Doc, give it a title, like “Ms. Russell recommendation”. Then, click on the “Share” box, on the upper right hand corner of the document, and look at the bottom of the box that opens up. It’ll ask you to enter the email address of people you want to share the document with. Just type my email address, maryinline@gmail.com, in the box, then “SAVE”.
3:36 PM Kevin: Oh ok. Seems pretty easy.
me: On another subject, do you remember all the shifts you and Amaranda worked? I want to update the Google Doc to include all of your shifts.
Kevin: Yes
3:37 PM me: Give it a try, and I’ll be online all afternoon since I’m working on some online classes. Send me your times in an email, and I’ll update the spreadsheet. Thanks!@
3:38 PM Kevin: Do I do two Google docs then? One for the shifts and the other for the letter?
3:39 PM me: No. Send me a regular email for the shifts. Make a google doc for the letter.
Kevin: Oh oh, ok.
me: I’m signing off of my desktop, and will be back online on my laptop in about an hour. Let me know if you need any help.
3:40 PM Kevin: Ok thanks,
me: You’re welcome!
July 30, 2012 Kevin Morales, prior 5th Grade student at Carbondale Middle School

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