There is nothing more satisfying, and professionally confirming, than having the parents of my students, and my students, take it upon themselves to promote my work! Over the past 15 years I’ve taught all grade levels, all subjects, in public and private schools, and all for one purpose: bringing fun and joy into children’s learning environment.

Below are testimonials I’ve received from students, parents and colleagues:

“Ms. Mary leads the children in her care on magical adventures. She teaches risk management, problem solving and confidence in her young learners. My son grew to tackle challenges instead of running and hiding from them. He became more independent in his self care and more confident making friends and solving conflicts on his own. Mary teaches with enthusiasm and shows such an interest in her children’s opinions and personalities that children feel valued and secure. Although she has moved from our area, my children still talk about her and how much they love and miss her. She is like Mary Poppins, bringing imagination, nature, community, and adventures into daily learning. Her experiences and education, along with her natural ability to understand children make her highly qualified for any position teaching and caring for children. Any family would be lucky to have a child in her care.”                                                                                              Kristen Argow-Heaton, Owner and Director, Active Louisville Kids, Louisville, CO


“Mary, Thank you for a wonderful, magical year with Ella and her buddies. You are her best bud – she loved having you as her teacher! Thanks for venturing into this Waldkinder adventure with us – your generosity + creativity were greatly appreciated.”                       Lots of Love, The Klingelhebers.


ELLA has a heart of gold!

“Mary, you have been such a wonderful addition to our lives. Kinley has had an amazing time with you. Thank you for everything!” Love, Lisen, Todd, Kinley and Elleree


Kinley sings songs of joy!

Mary, Not sure what we will do without you. Ashton will have so many memories from his Waldkinder days. We are so thankful for the love, energy, and commitment you have given Ashton.” Love, Lynn, Steve and Ashton


Ashton flexes his muscles

Attention Carbondale Parents!! Just sharing this info about a fabulous summer camp possibility and after school program for your kiddos. Miss Mary has been Dylan’s Waldkinder teacher this past year and she is beyond incredible. Kids love her and she leads the best adventures! You are the best & we love you!”                                                Donna Lambert Riley, May 2015


Dylan took it upon himself to make a natural gift for his mom  on mother’s day 2015.


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