Summer Program


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                                                   Fishing on the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend, in No Name

My summer outdoor adventure program will offer children ages 5-9 with local adventures into the woods, along the rivers and streams, to bike and skate parks, swimming spots, and more.


Dylan picks flowers for his mother

> I will accommodate as few as 2 and as many as 6 children per day, at $65 for 8 hours.
> I am flexible with times, to accommodate your needs. Extra time over 8 hours will be $5 for each 15 minutes. Additional fees for entrance to pools may be required.
>We will walk, bike or use RFTA for transportation.
>All children are required to wear a helmet when biking.
> Weather will not deter us from our adventures. Be prepared with rain gear if it’s in the forecast.
>Bring your own lunch and water, I will provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack.

Reserve your spot by calling or emailing MARY                                                                            970-618-1450                                                                                                                                 > Print and complete the registration form provided under the REGISTRATION tab.







The Lorax Trail has many surprises. 


I have the following days available during the summer of 2015:

Week 2: M-F, 8th – 12th
Week 3: M-F, 15th – 19th
Week 4: M-F, 22th – 26th                                                                                                                   Week 5: Monday and Tuesday, 29th – 30th

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Francesca is gonna make a big splash!

Week 5: M-F 27th – 31st

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Penny hot springs is the best!


Week 1: M-F, 3rd – 7th
Week 2: M-F, 10th – 14th
Week 3: M-F, 17th – 21st
Week 4: M-F, 24th – 28th

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Ella runs down Fischer Cemetery Road 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We find worms everywhere!

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