Sometimes, people are more important than place

I’ve been waking up each morning, later and later.

I’ve been staying up at night, later and later.

My search for the perfect place, becomes more elusive.

My memories of the perfect face, becomes more clear.

Today, I received a video from a parent of a former student that brought me to three important realizations:

1 – The career I’ve been creating brings love of place into the lives of people – children.

2 – The career I’ve been perfecting, people – children come first, and the love of place doesn’t matter as much without the people who love and cherish it along with me.

3 – The career I profit from the most combines people – children and the love of place.

I received a video this morning, from a parent of one child I left behind as I sought a career in a new place. It was the first morning in over a month that I woke up excited – with purpose. The video taught me that people – children are what my life’s purpose is, and a love of place is less without those who make it so special.


I’m coming back to Boulder, to be with the people – children who matter. 

12:23:19 O&About group photo.jpeg

About Mary Russell

I'm a "multipotentialite", turning my passions into careers. My main passions are learning, teaching, creativity, adventure, and compassion.
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